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I cannot wait to see this drivel disemboweled by Gura. Better yet, by Scalia. If there is any justice in the world, and if the SCOTUS holds to its reasoning, Kachalsky and Woolard will be the ignominy of these judges for the rest of their days. It is truly shameful in my opinion.

We hew to a judicious course today, refraining from any assessment of whether Maryland’s good-and-substantial- reason requirement for obtaining a handgun permit implicates Second Amendment protections. That is, we merely assume that the Heller right exists outside the home and that such right of Appellee Woollard has been infringed. We are free to make that assumption because the good-and-substantial- reason requirement passes constitutional muster under what we have deemed to be the applicable standard — intermediate scrutiny
It doesn't get much more convoluted than that.

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