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I have a Rem. 700 PSS, .308 Win., Leupold Mark 4, ER/T 50 mm 6.5 - 20x Mil Dot, 80 mm hood, Rock River bipod -- but most of the time I use a Caldwell Rock rest.

168 gr. seems to be the preferred bullet weight in these rigs. It's what the armed forces snipers load. I use Hodgdon 4895 -- right in the middle of the data specs. I do some neck shaving and primer pocket work as discussed in Varmint Al's pages --

Al has a link from this page here that's worth looking over!

When this ammo hoarding thing blows over, I should set up the chrono and go at it. Otherwise it's spot-on.

Ahhhhhhh, but here's the best idea I've had so far -- I had a Jewell trigger installed, dials down to 1.5 oz. and no creep whatever. Jewell says if I want to go below 1.5 oz. they'll send me the spring. I have it set at about 3 oz. and that's amazing off the bench. Best $$$ I've ever put into a rifle!

I like setting up out in the Central OR desert, around the Deschutes, running out 300, 400, 500 yds.
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