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I have vest from my Son (Security Company) he wears one all the time. He thinks at 77 YOA I have a lot of time yet to help him out!

When I do ATM Guarding jobs, I wear the vest, under my shirt.

Normal armed patrol on sites, no, it is in the vehicle.

Not so sure how bright that is. But in ATM robbery's, the BGs tend to arrive shooting (so we have been told) if they drive up, they can exit with long guns, I have a Glock 19, spare G17 magazine. If they use the Bank Building for a rush, most likely I will have 20 yards to draw and fire. They most likely will have handguns.

At this time (3 years) we just being there alert, and armed, seems to have been enough. Not totally banking on it though.

Had an older Vest, at a Police range, stopped all the 9mm we shot at it. Except for Frangible, made by the International Cartridge Company. 9mm 100g. Do not know velocity, I would say it was fast.

Two rounds, right through both sides, little flakes of Kevlar floating in the air!

This ammo was introduced for plate shooting. No ricochets.
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