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That looks real nice and will shoot even better I did not see the BCG on your list . What did you end up with ? Maybe I missed it in a earlier post .

I've been thinking about getting one of those alpha rails . How solid is it ? I'm a little hesitant to get a bolt on . I get the feeling if hit hard enough it would pop off the barrel nut . How does it attach to the nut ? could it come off if the screws stay tight .
I got a no name BCG off gunbroker. It was the only reasonably priced BCG I could find but it looks to be good quality. If I have an issue with it I will eventually replace it with a BCM or JP when things start coming back into stock.

The alpha rail is rock solid, It is held with three fairly hefty screws to the standard free float barrel nut and I don't see it coming loose any time soon unless I take it apart. It is also very comfortable.

I am most likely going out to get some scope rings for it today and might have a friend do the trigger pulling to dial it in until my hand is healed. I just want to see what this is capable of haha.
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