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Nope. It is a faulty observation which doesn't undermine anything.
A point on which we obviously will reach no agreement.

If Swiss gun ownership is supposed to be a model, then all attributes of their process are material.
If material, their framework is in far more conflict with the RKBA than our own already over zealous codified infringements.

These foreign systems make great examples of laws that go far beyond the pale of a reasonable layman's interpretation of what is permissible under 2A. By all means go there. Our system of government is meant to be different, erring on the side of protecting freedom and liberty.

The constitution was written in a way that is easily understandable by laymen. 2A was crafted from the position of trust in the individual over trust in governmental tyranny/largess/permission. If RKBA is a right, why do I need a permit? "Because the court said so". Well, yeah, but were they correct when they said so? [me: NO]

I have a permit for a "privilege" of driving an automobile....but can drive on my own personal private property without it. I have a "right" to keep a firearm, but without the permit I am possibly a felon(varies by state/local code), even on my own property. Statistically, the auto is more dangerous. If I need a permit, it is no longer a right.

Your premise rejects the possibility that citizens might be able to manage their own affairs locally and that current law, rather than being a travesty, is in fact an acceptable starting point for future erosion.

The starting point for argument should be to make no accommodation to any people control advocates whose rationalizations historically are used to support current codified 2A infringements. The appearance is that we are always in defense against limitations to our rights, and there are petty tyrants in every jurisdiction eager to limit them. The burden should be upon those seeking to limit our rights, not upon those seeking to save them. Freedom does not come with a guarantee of 100% safety.

O'course, Juris Doctors may feel differently. Thar's beaucoup money in them thar infringements and associated petty tyrant whispering.
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