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"The Incident At the Hospital"

My daughter was born 2 1/2 months early. She is now an extremely healthy 9 year old, but her first 3 months were spent in the hospital's neonatal ICU. When she came home she was on oxygen and a heart monitor 24/7.

After about 3 months she started having trouble breathing and we took her to a doctor. I was carrying my 9mm SIG P239 in an Uncle Mike open nylon IWB holster, which had never given me any trouble while walking around, driving, etc.

The doctor could not get a good blood sample, not having a small enough needle to get into my daughter's vein, so we were sent a few miles away to the local hospital- all still routine. I waited in the car while my wife took our daughter inside.

When they came out, I pulled up to the curb, got out and came around to the back to help get our girl into her car seat when all hell broke loose. The monitor started screaming and every light went on at once. A quick check showed that every wire was still connected and we realized she was going into cardiac arrest. My wife was already holding her, so she laid her on the sidewalk and started CPR. I sprinted for the door to the hospital. As I ran I felt *something* bounce off my forearm, and somehow without breaking stride just grabbed it. I found myself holding my SIG, which had popped out of that cheap-ass piece-of-nylon IWB rig. Luckily I was wearing a jacket, so I was able to shove my hand into my lapel rather than run into the hospital brandishing a pistol. I ended up stowing gun & holster in my flap pocket, where it stayed while the magnificent EMTs and doctors at Herrick Hospital, Tecumseh MI (thanks again, guys & gals) kept my daughter alive while Life-Flight was enroute- they had to restart her heart 4 times and finally made the decision that they would just have to stabilize in flight on the way to Toledo Children's Hospital ICU. (Shout out to the docs and nurses there, too.) Once the helicopter finally took off, I felt like I was having my own heart attack. Suffice to say, the whole family recovered.

It took me 8 years before I was willing to trust an IWB holster again, luckily a friend introduced me to Galco's Triton Kydex holster- and then I discovered that there was a whole world of rigid IWB holsters out there that actually have retention and won't collapse on me or spit my gun out if I move the wrong way. But this will forever remain the single wierdest thing that ever happened to me in my life while carrying.
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