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Welcome, Deadeye.

The RIA Compact is essentially a knock-off of the old Colt Officer series, sans the firing pin block. I've been a police firearms instructor and armorer since the early 90's, when the Colt Officer was pretty popular among coppers in my area. They were good guns, but had a few quirks.

Chief among them was the recoil spring system, which used a delicate little plug. It would frag out and scatter in front of the gun. My solution to this was to install a reverse-plug system that bore against the entire recoil spring tunnel at the rear. These always came with a guide rod, which in this particular size of 1911 is a good thing.

I note that Rock Island Compacts come with their own version of this system. Any 1911 this size might require a little tweaking, but this is one less thing to go wrong. My experience with their other 1911's has been pretty good and I wouldn't be afraid to buy a RIA Compact.
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