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My post was to TRY it out before the OP spends $300-$400 on something and realizes he doesn't like it or need it. I had that opportunity because I work for a gun shop, so I can mess with stuff before buying it, others sometimes order off the internet and get stuck with stuff.
Yeah, definitely. I agree with that advice a lot.
In my case, I was able to try someone's Aimpoint 3x magnifier behind the CompM4 before I decided to try to get a magnifier myself, and I went with the 2.5x "po'boy special" from LaRue due to the cost savings. I do like it, and it does help me a lot but I think a 3x or more would be better for what I do with the rifle.

It is all a matter of personal preference. Yes, I have damaged vision, so no I'm not able to use iron sights pretty much at all let alone out to 100, 200, 300, or whatever yards. With the Aimpoint CompM4, I definitely CAN hit combat effective at 100 yards with the 2.5x magnifier flipped to the side, but I can do it faster and more consistently at 100 yards WITH the magnifier. And, that's all with the target standing still and not shooting back at me. If the target is at 100 yards and moving, I need the magnification, but I think it's wonderful that some other folks do not need that. It is great for them, but I can't do that and it is a visual system thing, not a training deficit.
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