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This needs to cause a lot of outrage by the parents of the sandy hook victims (first person shooter games).

Why doesn't it?

Because a lot of these parents either play these games or probably had their tiny tots playing them or at the least watching their older siblings or parents playing them.

They would have to actually change their lifestyle so they wouldn't be a hypocrite...... and we can't have that can we.

But yeah they do make excellent trainers so far as increasing reflexes, desensitivity, and shot placement. However no substitute for marksmanship.

The US military toyed with computer simulators before the first gulf war and we all know what happened there. So to say they don't increase your ability to kill would be a denial.

Than would come to the question of hard core action films. Once again citizens of Connecticut would have to drastically change their lifestyles to help reduce the influence of these films on their kids.
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