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I've got a Thureon Defense 9 mm 16 inch barrel carbine on order.

It will take about 6 months to get it. Price will be about same as a 5.56 AR. I saw some videos that Hickock45 did on this rifle. He uses a slidefire stock on the one he tested, but I ordered one without that. Whether one likes or hates the slidefire stock is a different topic for a different day, but the carbine itself looked pretty cool. I expect it to be fun to shoot and play with at the range.

Since ordering it, I have been giving it a lot of thought and I am starting to wonder what exactly I will do with this thing when I get it. I can reload 9 mm for a lot less money than I can reload 38 and 357 for my lever rifles, or 223 for my AR. That is one reason why I ordered it. But I am not sure about this carbine anymore. I guess it would be great for home defense because it will be very handy to handle and operate, lower flash and less recoil (i.e., faster follow up shots) than a shotgun, more capacity than my HD handguns.

Yet, I am not convinced that I want this thing after all. I've got time to decide. They did not require a down payment or pre-payment. They said demand is so high that if a customer declines to purchase an ordered carbine, they just go to the next guy on the waiting list and sell it to him. I'm almost definitely going to get this carbine but in the back of my mind is a little bit of doubt.
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