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Still need 1911 recommendation for $750

I'm still on the fence on which 1911 to buy. I saw a Sig 1911 RCS used on consignment for about 850, but they wouldn't budge on price and since the original receipt in the box says $890, I think my offer was good. Regardless, I am still looking for a 1911, and would like suggestions.

I've seen in the last couple days:
Ruger SR1911 (full size) for $700
Remington R1S for $725
Colt series 80 for $999, out of my desired range, but it's a Colt. I didn't like the low profile pinned sights that could not be easily replaced though.
Springfield Armory Mil-Spec for $569
RIA Tactical II for $589

I loved the Officer frame and Commander slide/barrel format, but don't seem to be able to find what I want in my range. Thinking I may have to go to the full size format or be REALLY patient until I stumble across a used RCS, C3, CCO or similar.

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