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Congratulations on the purchase of your CZ 550 varmit in 308. CZ's are known as accurate rifles straight from the box.
Now go and shot that rifle & become proficient with its use. Once you have tried various factory ammunition &/or tweaked your handloads you should be able to achieve regular 1 inch 5 shot groups at 100 yards. The CZ's are capable of this.
Once you have achieved this on a regular basis, start worrying about match barrels & other modifications in your quest for sub MOA groups.
If you have practised enough & can achieve sub MOA groups regularly at 200 yards, then the 1000 yard targets may be a challenge for you.
I always find it amusing when people on the internet say they want a 1000 yard capable rifle without being able to shoot proficiently at 100 ,200 ,300 yards.
I wait in anticipation for the thread titled-"I've bought a second-hand CZ550 varmit in 308 & it doesn't group". If this is the case you should have gone the .223.
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