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Originally Posted by Scott Riqui
1) Remington "Golden Saber"
There are more than two types. There is the distinction between the older, non-bonded and the newer bonded bullet, and then both are available as a 185-gr +P load or a 230-gr non +P load. All are excellent.

2) Winchester Jacketed Hollow Point
Would this be the JHP "Personal Defense" round in the Winchester USA ammo line? If so, it's an older bullet design. It doesn't expend as well as some of the newer, premium personal defense bullets but it's not bad.

3) Federal "Hydra-Shok"
Another older bullet design. This was once the state-of-the-art, but almost all the "name" makers now have bullets that outperform the venerable Hydra-Shok.

4) Winchester PDX1
Good stuff.
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