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FOID Application Question--What to Expect?

I have recently applied for a FOID a couple months ago, the check/money order cleared and processed without a hitch. I called a couple times to check on the status of it and here is where there is a delay.

11 years ago when I was 15 years old I was arrested for shoplifting less than $10, a stupid mistake that I have since learned from, it was a first and last time thing. I went through a peer review and community service and since have had a clean record, not even a speeding ticket on my record.
I have always marked "no" for convictions/crimes..etc on job application since then and have had absolutely no issues passing any sort of background checks for jobs, even extensive background checks with fingerprinting and such that takes a week or so to come back, i have always passed them and have had no issues. This is what I was instructed to do by the police department when I would check with them as the years went by when I was applying for jobs and that I should not worry about it in terms of marking "no" for convictions/felonies..etc on job applications

Illinois State Police has determined that further review was required as a result. They tell me that all they see is that there is a "retail theft" that popped up and nothing more is shown beyond that, they told me that they have to contact a rep in the FBI or something? I guess they cannot see that I was a juvenile/minor at the time? since "retail theft" 11 years ago was all they see?
Now they did not deny me or approve me, all that they told me was that further review needs to be done with my application.

What should i expect? should i expect a denial? i am prepared to go to the circuit court and police department to verify all of this whether it was expunged/sealed as i was 15 years old at the time for shoplifting less than $10 11 years ago. i guess i will have to deal with two days of anxious waiting since they are closed on weekends and i'll have to visit them on monday morning.
Also, if I do hopefully end up being approved and obtain my FOID card, will this thing from 11 years ago when I was 15 affect ncis checks and purchases when all that goes through with the 4473 and all that?

thanks everyone.

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