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I have a Hi-point 9mm carbine and will be picking up a Marlin Camp .45 from a friend in about a week (Hardly ever fired, w/3 Wilson 10 round magazines for 320 bucks ).

The Hi-point is my go to truck gun and it also does ALOT of shifts on HD duty at night next to the bedside. It shares that duty with my Benelli Nova Tactical. I actually prefer the PCC over the shotgun. It's shorter, carries more ammo, it;s semi-auto, less recoil, and has a MUCH lower level of muzzle blast than either a shotgun or a centerfire rifle... All are big pluses in my mind.

Once I recieve the Marlin and have the opportunity to test it for reliability, replace the buffer and install a 21lb rcoil spring in it, it will likely become my primary HD gun for all of the above reasons. And then there is the idea of using it at close range and driving a .45acp out of a carbine length barrel.... I like the sounds of that

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