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I've seen that story. Huge bear without teeth that was in tough shape. The no teeth issue wouldn't have stopped him from killing this guy and tearing him apart with his claws. Most attacks are luck when a bear is shot and killed. The fact he got off 2 or 3 and hit CNS was even more amazing.

My favorite attack were the 5 guys last year that went back the next morning to find a bull elk that had been bow shot the evening before. Of course a big male was waiting for them when they got there and charged. 4 guys had large caliber handguns and 1 had a shotgun with birdshot. The 4 guys emptied their handguns as the bear charged again and again. His final charge he got within 20 feet when the shotgun blast hit him and sent him on his way. The rangers found the blood trail, but figured the bear survived as it was minimal.

Most days I hike it's a pretty good wind unless it's early in the morning. I worry more about sow/cubs as they tend to use the trails quite a bit. I've been fortunate to only run into a young male many years ago in BC. After a couple of bluffs he moved on, but it scared the crap out of me.
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