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I think it was more about the fact that a 9mm Hornady case was found at the crime scene in CO, and at least one Hornady 9mm case was found in the car that crashed in TX. Not exactly probable cause to think he was the killer until comparisons are run on the hulls, but it puts a checkmark on the reasonable suspicion list.

I believe the car in TX was a Cadillac, and they were looking for a Caddy in CO. He was believed to have killed a Domino's Pizza driver, too, and a Domino's insulated case was found in the crashed car. Still not a "smoking gun," but ratcheting up.

That was what I saw on CNN, and nobody seemed to be blaming Hornady any more than they were blaming Cadillac or Domino's. I did note they all kept pronouncing it "HornaDAY."
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