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I just got my second Theis holster. This time for my Springer XD40 Sub. From online order to my door USPS, two weeks! this time I got the horse hide model. In comparison on price with the top brand the Thies was $65 including shipping. I looked up the same holster from the other company. With options to make it identicle, horse hide, and combat cut, along with additional shipping it would have cost over $100. Also a predicted 6 to 8 week wait.
As far as the holster, I carried my XD in it all day yesterday, and some today. Much more comfortable than the JMG IWB that I have been using. With the larger, and heavier Springer the new Theis holster was hard to distinguish from my other one for the smaller, lighted KAHR CM9.
With this holster I will be carrying my XD40 much more often.
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