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Maybe that's true for THEM, but certainly not true for ME.
Well what kind of formal training have you gone through with your AR?

Not trying to poke fun, but unless you have damaged vision a magnifier should not be needed at 100 yards, generally speaking you should be combat effective at 100 yards with a side arm.

Again, not trying to say its YOU. I live in PA where I see A LOT of deer hunters using your standard 3-9 scope dialed all the way up to 9, then still a lot using even higher magnification, and I have to shake my head generally because I don't think I have ever shot a deer further than 100 yards. I think a lot of people have a tendency to "over scope" their rifle.

You can go to a service rifle match where guys are shooting 600yards with irons, or any Marine qualifying course generally was 500 yards irons.

Do I think YOU need the magnifier on your AR? I don't know you personally but I would bet for 100 yards you do not. Having your red-dot zero'd at 25 meters on your AR will give you combat effective hits ( we aren't in a war I know, however still viable for 3 gun competition) out to 300 yards, using no hold over.

I think a lot of people limit their abilities before they try, or understand.

I know some guys LIKE magnifiers, I can't knock it, but I don't think they are needed to make hits. Personally we are different and that is fine, I would prefer my rifle be lighter, tighter and easy to move with.

My post was to TRY it out before the OP spends $300-$400 on something and realizes he doesn't like it or need it. I had that opportunity because I work for a gun shop, so I can mess with stuff before buying it, others sometimes order off the internet and get stuck with stuff.

Travis can explain it better than I can type it. This is not my video, found it on youtube.
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