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There are a few kinds of threads that, if left open long enough, are almost guaranteed to devolve into some kind of spitting contest that involves Nazi references. Those threads include:
1) threads about Kimber;
2) threads about Taurus;
3) Glock vs. 1911 threads; and
4) 9mm vs. .45 acp threads.

With all of that said, I have zero personal experience with Kimbers. They're good-looking guns. They feel nice in the hand, but I've never fired one. I've read reviews that say they're the best thing since sliced bread, and others that swear that Kimber is owned by Satan himself.

I will give Kimber their credit, but not too much. Do they make a good 1911? Yes... are all Kimbers equal.. no....Do they make a GREAT 1911.... not really.... do they make a bad one... nope not that either.

Kimber / Springfield to me are about right in the middle. I have owned both... I have owned cheaper 1911 makes, and I have owned much more expensive 1911 makes.

1911 is much like car shopping these days since it seems EVERYONE is in the game now. We all want to be driving the 600HP Muscle car obviously, the real question is.... is it practical... or better yet... do I have the skill set to drive such a car well enough to appreciate it.

Most weekend warriors, can't shoot a $400 RIA 1911 any better than they can shoot a $1000 Kimber... anyyyy better than they can shoot that $3000 Wilson Combat 1911.

YOU need to do research into what FEATURES you WANT or what is PRACTICAL for YOU. Generally speaking certain options like a rail or front strap checkering will cost extra money.. but if you want a light on it for a bed side gun, or what extra grip for competition, its justifiable and so on.

When you get into Top Teir 1911's its more about getting one custom made for you, per your spec sheet, quality of materials and processes going into it, and finishes.

Doesn't make my Springfield any less of a gun however. It still has its place in my range bag with my STI and the others.

My buddy's used Kimber Desert Warriors is actually one of my favorite 1911's to shoot, I can't even tell you why, I just shoot well with it.
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