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Twenty Two
All I have is two 22 pistols & one rifle. My question is what 22 shell would be good for home defense if that's all you have.<SNIP>
CCI Stinger for hard(er) hitting and reliability. It is probably the most reliable 22LR cartridge around.

I've shot Stingers from the 90's and they were still fresh as the day they were produced. No excess smoke, a good loud bang, & decent "recoil" (as much recoil as you can get from a 22LR). All of which are good indicators.

I suspect it is because Stingers are one of the only 22LR cartridges with a roll crimp (like 22 Mags). All other 22LR cartridges I know of have heeled bullets where moisture can get in over the long run.

If I were going to use 22LR for defense, I'd take a box - shoot half & load the other half in the same firearm.
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