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I own two Pythons, a 1961 vintage 6" that has only seen the factory test fire and a 1974 vintage 4" that I carry on duty from time to time. I have also owned several different Smiths, still own a 642 and a 17-4, gave my son a 27-2. And none of the Smiths, IMHO, compare trigger, finish or look wise. The Royal Blue, both of my Pythons are, is simply the most beautiful finish I have ever seen on a gun. I would compare my 1992 Anaconda to all of my Smiths.

A friend of mine has an early 58 with a trigger job by someone I wish I could remember,and that thing is butter! But it took work to get it there. And I'm not saying Smith's triggers are bad, far better then every Ruger da I've owned, but nothing like a Python.

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