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I have a question for the forum regarding handgun ballistics.

If a handgun shoots low at 12 yards will the bullet print even lower at 25 yards?

I know a rifle has two points where the bullet crosses the line of sight. That is how one can roughly sight in a rifle at 25 yards and tweak it at 100 yards.

My question is whether the same holds true for a handgun albeit at a shorter range.
Probably depends on how far you have signted the gun in.

Just using basic physics - the second that bullet leaves he barrel gravity is pulling it down. No way to get around this. Thus - if you are going to hit a target 10 yards away - the front of your gun is going to have to be angled upwards to some degree. As soons as the bullet leaves the barrel the bullet will have to be going upwards to some degree and it will have to come back down across the line.
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