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I've been scanning threw these remarks and all make valid points. I'll make mine! Why didn't Germany switch guns when they were preparing for war? They were preparing for war! Never switch horses when crossing the stream in the words of Abe Lincoln. They weren't across the stream but the channel was rising, the English Chanel. Only one other country in the world had a respectable semi auto, respectable because we won the first round. If it's not broke, why fix it, Browning M2.

The Garand: If it's so horrible and useless then why did Patton love it so much? He went through basic, he knew what a rifle was to a solider, although not a marine he might be able to hit a barn....from the inside of it.......with 9 shots. If you didn't get that your a navy boy.

One last thing: Someone thought it wise to make the comments about how 5.56 and how it's under powered....yadda...yadda. Nobody really cares. The reason for this comment is because they made the remark about "Having our butts handed too us." Well we have never fought a war with the 5.56, our last war fought AND won handily with the M1 Garand. The U.S. has been in 5 wars, arguably loosing The war of 1812 and victory in all others. Another history lesson, Mr Bill Clinton sent Americans into CONFLICT MORE TIMES THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT, SOMALIA AND IRAQ INCLUDED.
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