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Is a Kimber worth it?

Originally Posted by Rick F View Post
Springfield seems to be the sacred cow of 1911's. On this reputation, I recently purchased a Springfield MC Operator (which was even more $$ than the Kimber), sent it back twice, and ended up getting a refund. SA said, at this time, they did not have time to QC check another pistol to send out to me, nor did they even have one available for that matter.
Now that's customer service at its best! If I had a company tell me that about one of their guns that I had just spent a small hard earned fortune on I would never spend another dime on that companies products. I personally have looked at several SA 1911's at my LGS that had rough machining marks here and there that would have caused me to pass on the gun. One was a TRP that had a large machine mark running vertically from top to bottom of the slide right beside of the firing pin hole. To me this is completely unacceptable on a $1,200+ gun.

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