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Originally Posted by Romeo 33 Delta
One of my fondest memories was the Nichols "Stallion 45". You'ld pull apart the two-piece cartridge, insert 1 (or more) circular caps, put them back together and load them through the side loading gate ... just like on your real SSA!
I had one of those, and I have always wondered what became of it.

Back then (1950s) our toy holsters were real leather, and about as good as what some of the cheap holster places charge now for "real" western rigs (made in Mexico with machine embossing). I remember once when something happened to one of my holsters when I was about 8 years old. Next time we went to town, while my mother was in the market (they weren't "super" markets then) I wandered down the street to the shoe repair shop and paid the man a whole quarter to sew up my holster.
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