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Pops made me a toy rifle on his lathe. That looked really cool and of course had no orange tip.

My Mother and I were invovled in an accident, and while the deputy was taking the report, I was still sitting in the passenger seat and the deputy inquired, very friendly, if that as my rifle. He was shocked to see that it was toy.

Heck, I had a toy MP-5 that was all black except for the orange tip that I used when playing "recon" in the yard(only boy child on a farm, had to get creative) and my Uncle thought it was real when he saw it for the first time because the orange tip was so dirty.

The thing is, I knew those were toys and treated them as such.

And with one notable exception invovling a Red Ryder BB gun, one of my Big Sister's barbies, and a couple of spankings, I never once did anything stupid with a real gun growing up.
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