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.357 was originally developed to shoot through steel bodied cars. Next time I want to shoot my car I will buy full house .357 Remington Magnum as this is the correct name.
Penetrating car bodies was but one of the original "advertised" uses for the .357 Magnum. Upon its introduction in 1935, then-S&W president Maj. Doug Wesson went on a PR campaign by taking all sorts of big game with the cartridge in an attempt to sell it not only to police, but sportsmen as well. Also, .357 Remington Magnum is not the proper name for the cartridge as Remington was not involved with the original guns (S&W made them) or the first loadings of ammunition (Winchester produced those). The actual full name for the cartridge is .357 S&W Magnum although that designation hasn't been commonly used for decades.

As to the original question, I cannot remember the last time I fired .38 Special ammunition from one of my .357 Magnum revolvers. Both of my .357 Magnum revolvers are used primarily as defensive handguns and, since I keep them loaded with .357 Magnum JHP ammunition for defense, I find it prudent to practice with ammunition that has similar recoil. The only revolver which is commonly shoot .38 Special ammunition from is my S&W M36 which is not chambered for .357 Magnum.
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