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Re: Toy gun commercial from the 50's

Originally Posted by jldee55 View Post I had a tommy gun like they used on the series Combat...
I had a Tommy Gun of one kind or another; but I don't remember much about it except that the machine gun function never worked too well as the cap roll would jam up part way through every round of fire. But the Rifleman rifle, it worked great and that's the one I remember playing with a lot. But I just couldn't swing it around in a circle and fire it like Chuck because it would hit my arm pit due to my little T-Rex child arms.

I confess, I don't understand the thinking in metropolitan schools any longer. It's simply surreal. I'm glad the grandkids (all but one) are growing up in rural Iowa where values and expectations remain recognizable to what I grew up with.

Thanks for sharing the video and bringing back fond memories.
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