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I handload pistol ammo. Revolver ammo is simple to reload because it headspaces on the rim, and no issues w/ taper crimp specs like in a semi-auto. Bullets seat to the cannelure and you're done, eyeball, no micrometer required.

I have a Smith Mod. 10 chambered in 38 Spl. A Ruger Security Six chambered in .357 mag. (Also a Smith. Mod. 60 snub in .357). I shoot magnum in the magnums and Special in the Special. But I have the option of loading .38 Spl loads in the longer magnum cases.

Mostly I end up loading +P loads in the .38 Spl -- loads which cross over into the low end of the .357 mag load data. But that's just me, a recoil junkie who likes to shoot big calibers.

I have a .458 Win Mag, and there are no elephants in the area.
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