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Originally Posted by Ruger480
Yeah, I know. I'm really not trying to be but I can't get exicted over a cartridge I can't reload. If I lived in NY like Brian I might, since he can't use a centerfire cartridge during big game seasons. Luckily I'm not feeling the ammunition crunch as bad as some people as I have enough componets to reload several thousand rounds of cartridges saved up. During the first ammunition/componet shortage I stockpiled things after it was over. I can shoot my centerfires for several years to come.

I just never expeceted to see the crunch hit the rimfire market like it has. I was able to stock up about 5K rounds of .22lr and 1500 .22 WMR at regular prices before they shot up as well. My jaw did drop the other day when I was on Able Ammo's web page and the Federal Auto Match that my wife and daughters Mosquito's like was $120 for a 325 round bulk pack. Makes me thinks BOHICA when my supply runs out.
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