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I was concerned about what I read about S&W 's quality going downhill and was reluctant of buying the new 627 Pro but really liked the features of it ! So far , I have not been disappointed.....I have over 600 rounds through the relatively new revolver without any hiccups and the first Federal .357 158 grain round fired , I put in the black at 25 yards and the rest grouped well with little adjustment to the sights to near the X-ring ! No unsightly tool marks, no crooked barrel , no crappy trigger ( the best trigger I've had on any Smith except my old model 41 target pistol ) , action is smooth and cylinder locks tight with hammer pulled back ( no slop ) , and it has just been a great performer ! Most my Smiths are the older versions but whatever is happening now at S&W....somehow , they shipped me a good one !
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