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As I said, nothing derogatory was meant by it. I simple would hate to see him make a mistake because of a want and end up with an inferior product. Its his money and he is free to spend it as he sees fit. However when he becomes a firearm owner, then his decision is a direct reflection on all the rest of us in this day and age, the it is all of our responsibility to steer him in the right direction. He came to this board for advice, admittedly I don't have much to offer on the AK but I do on responsible gun ownership.

I guess your location might have something to do with whether or not the term "son" is an insult. Where I am, it isn't. "Boy" on the other hand is a slap in the face to any male over a certain age.

I'm not trying to hurt feelings or turn the young man off, just convey a sense of responsibility to him. We aren't talking about a car stereo or a pair of shoes here, were talking about a gun. In fact we are talking about one of the guns getting a ton of bad press these days.
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