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thanks Doc and Rob, I was thinking of wearing the 7.5" strong side and the buntline left side in a crossdraw. This is the same configuration that Russell uses in the movie. Not sure if the crossdraw would make that big of difference in speed but I think it would work nonetheless. I would also opt for the 10" buntline used in the movie rather than the standard 12" models commonly available. I know the shorter barrels are quicker on the draw but there is just something about a long barrel that I like. Just looks better to me and history says that Wyatt preferred a long barrel as it was easy to pistol whip outlaws with (which he was commonly known for) and extremely accurate. It's been said that the gun he used in the O.K. Corral gunfight was a S&W Schofield with an 8" barrel. cool! :-) Can't afford the price tag of the Uberti Schofield but that would be my first choice if I could.

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