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Originally Posted by L Killkenney
From the Savage rep at the Iowa Deer Classic last month.......... According to them the current ammo crunch will have no bearing. Large quantities of the .17wsm has already been produced and is sitting in warehouses waiting for the guns. Take it for what ya paid for it.
I have no doubt they have already produced some ammo, but how long before it runs out? If the new cartridge is popular is Winchester going to be able to keep up with the demand? How many of you ever thought you would see the day where bulk packs of .22 LR would sell for over $100?

When manufacturers can't keep up with producing .22 LR, which OS vastly more popular, do you believe that the quantity they have already made is sufficient. My guess is the people who purchase these new rifles will be buying massive quantities of available ammunition to make sure the have it on hand. I just can't imagine Winchester dedicating more resources to getting the new .17 WSM out than keeping up with the demand for more popular rimfire cartridges.
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