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Fixed it for you... unfortunately...

Even if something he didn't list is available, it WILL have an astronomical price tag (along with all the other shooting goods).
Well, someone may say that I've been posting and asking, asking and posting and that nothing will come of it and it's all taking too long.
I say my having the urge to ask was just life's way of making me hang back for a bit.

And a good thing too because this morning I saw an ad for a secondhand rifle and I went to see it.

I got the bore measured and it appears to be very under used as well as clean. I know that I had said about wanting a new rifle, but really what that meant was a rifle with plenty of service left in it and nearly new works for me. Bottom line is that I put a %10 deposit down on it and will finalise the purchase at the police registry next Tuesday.

"What is it?" I hear you ask... A nearly new CZ 550 Varmint for almost half the retail price at €500!!

If all goes to plan, then I should be fondling it at this time on Tuesday night!! Thanks for all the pointers, folks, but I think we have a winner!
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