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I call my 17yo nephew and young men in the youth department at my Church "son" all the time. Nothing derogatory about it, means I sincerely care about your decisions. Same thing here. Lets not split hairs on a mundane issue.

Simple put from the questions, line of inquiry and responses he is trying to make a decision to buy, a potentially deadly tool in the wrong hands, a gun without the proper knowledge of his potential purchase. I and it looks like others are beginning to advocate that he now be so hasty or in a hurry to make a mistake and instead learn more about his proposed purchase.

I don't know much about an AK and don't really care too. I thought about buying one at one point but will instead just buy an AR config that works with the 7.62X39 chambering. I do however know about safety and teaching the unfamiliar how to safely and responsibly deal with a firearm.
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