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Arkansas: Movin' on up! (I hope)

Looking at another thread, I was reminded that Arkansas recognizes the CCLs of 39 other states, and is recognized in 39 other states.

Then I got this from the NRA-ILA:
Yesterday, House Bill 1819, an important protection to the Emergency Powers statute, passed in the Senate Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs with a “Do Pass” recommendation. HB 1819, introduced by state Representative Charlotte Vining Douglas (R-75), would prohibit any Arkansas Governor from imposing restrictions on the transfer or transportation of lawfully possessed firearms during a declared State of Emergency. HB 1819 could now be considered on the Senate floor at any time.

In addition, Senate Bill 858, which would establish that Arkansas recognize any valid Right-to-Carry permit issued by another state, passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee with a “Do Pass” recommendation. Introduced by state Senator Jason Rapert (R-35), this important reform would replace the current conditional reciprocity standard. SB 858 is expected to be considered on the Senate floor on Monday.
In this legislative session, our legislators tried to pass:
  • a "permitted open carry bill" (which unfortunately failed);
  • a bill allowing certain faculty and staff to carry concealed firearms at a university or college under certain circumstances (passed, but allows the institution to opt out);
  • to allow churches to decide for themselves whether concealed carry will be allowed in a church (passed);
  • to allow the service pistol or shotgun of a member of the Arkansas Highway and Transportation department (a law enforcement branch attached to our highway department) to be awarded to the officer or his widow upon his death or retirement provided that the recipient is eligible to receive and possess same(passed);
  • to extend the CHCL exemption to current and former law enforcement officers, and military personnel (2 bills, 1 passed, 1 pending);
  • to create the offense of "unlawful procurement of firearms or ammunition, a Class D felony," by which it would be unlawful to solicit or entice either an FFL or a private seller to transfer a firearm, or to provide false information to either with a purpose to deceive them concerning the lawfulness of the transfer (pending);
  • to clarify that it is a defense to certain offenses related to the carrying of a weaon that the person (defendant) is a prosecuting attorney (pending);
  • a Second Amendment Liberties Safeguard Act (pending);
  • to allow employees of detention facilities to carry firearms (pending (?!?));
  • to allow liquor store employees to possess firearms (pending);
  • to clarify that having a firearm in a vehicle is not a crime in and of itself (pending);
  • creating a civil action for search and seizure of firearms under which a mental health professional shall report a diagnosis of mental illness to the local prosecuting attorney if the patient is an immediate danger to himself or to other persons, and should not possess firearms while he or she has the mental illness (hmmm. . . pending);
  • the Arkansas Firearms Freedom Act (for firearms created here, that remain here).
By no means is this the perfect constellation of gun laws that I'd like to see. However:
  • Number of bills or laws attempting to impose magazine restrictions = 0
  • Number of bills or laws attempting to impose universal background checks = 0
  • Number of bills or laws further restricting concealed carry = 0
Not too bad, if'n ya ask me.
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