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I bought a used Kimber Compact II [all steel] a few years ago. It has run flawlessly. I have no idea how many rounds were shot before I got it. I've put between 500 to 700 rounds through it [it competes with 5 other .45acp handguns for range time, plus the other calibers].

It hasn't given me ANY problems. Ever.

I have never had cause to find out what Kimbers' CS is like. I know I have had cause to find out from RIA, Sig, S&W and Ruger. I've never had any problems with those 4.

I bought used: so no warrenty. I understand that.

I am mechanically inclined and have built 2 1911s [so far] that work VERY well. I say this as I'd probably do any repairs myself, rather than pay the $ to ship cross country.

I think the Kimber name is overhyped. I think the Kimber hate may be well directed, but I have never had cause to dislike them.

I'm more concerned about a 1911 with a barrel of 3.5" or shorter being reliable, no matter who made it.

Personally, I'd never buy a 1911 with a barrel shorter than 4". A lot of threads are out there about reliability of short-barrel 1911s. I trust the 5" without question, and the 4.25 or 4" once I've tested that gun.

But, Kimber brand name? it depends on if you want someone to fix the gun for you or you will fix it for yourself IF anything goes wrong and needs to be repaired.

The warrenty on my Argentinian DGFM Sistema Modelo 1927 is HORRIBLE. They won't do ANYTHING about the trigger pull and creep. I had to do it myself.
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