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If caliber selection (.38 vs. .357 Magnum) is of no consequence to you, then may I suggest you find one of two older target revolvers, the S&W K-38 Masterpiece (Model 14) or a Colt Officers Model Match. Both guns are of a bygone era when the .38 Revolver ruled the firing line. Both are built for .38 Special ammunition, that is, they are not heavy nor bulky pieces, and lack the heavy lugged basrrels stc. Both have fine adjustable target sights. Fired with .38 Special wadcutter target ammunition, they are wonderfully accurate, pleasant shooting, and emit that pride of ownership.

In short, they are nice to shoot and nice to own.

Bob Wright
I have too agree with Bob on this. If a person is looking for a premier target revolver a S&W K-38 Masterpiece or the Colt Officers Model Match are the best I have ever seen and handled. I you insist on a 357 magnum, I once had a S&W model 19-4 6 inch that almost equal the model 14. I used mostly 38 specials but did run light load 357 magnums in the revolver. Without a doubt this revolver was better than me.

The revolvers Bob and I mentioned are out there. Be patience, and if you can find one of these, you can get endless hours of shooting pleasure.
Good luck,
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