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This is a interesting thread. Depending on the 357 magnum which I have three, I may shoot all 357 magnums or 38 specials.

For example:
My Ruger Blackhawk 357/9mm. This revolver will see either 357magnums or 9mm ammo. No 38 specials. Waste of a time shooting 38 specials in a large frame revolver.
My Ruger Police Service Six 4 inch. 90 % 357 magnums and 10 % 38 specials. I like the Blazer 158 gr 357 hollowpoints for range use.
My Ruger SP101 4 inch 357 magnum revolver. This is a new revolver and so far I have used 38 special rounds with only 10 rounds of 357 magnums. This is a small frame revolver and 357s produce a lot more recoil than the 38 specials.
That is the great thing about a 357 magnum revolver. A person has choice.
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