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WOW !!!

I guess I will have to keep my trips to the range at a minimum, until the ammo companies get caught up on production. I went to buy some .22 long rifle shells to take the grandkids shooting today, and was told a box of shells would be $4.50 per box, with a limit of 3 boxes. We went and got ice cream instead.

I can understand how they cost so much right now, with ammo being in short supply, but I sure am hoping that after supplies get back up, that the ammo manufacturers don't get the idea they can keep prices this high forever. I feel they will see a sharp downward trend in sales if they do.

22's have always been the benchmark for training our kids to shoot and be responsible with a fire arm. It has always been cheap enough to take the kids to the range and let them learn without costing you an arm and a leg.
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