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Glenn E. Meyer
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The wisdom of avoiding pure politics is the wisdom of the owner of the Forum. This is not the public square.

In the past, TFL disappeared because of endless flame wars, bizarre insults and conspiracy crappola. For example - Shipping containers of Chinese troops are appearing Long Beach and the UN is massing on the Mexican border to take our guns. The president is being this, blah, blah.

No thank you.

While some political issues do get into L and CR, we are not going to referee such a mess.

Discuss Bush - flame war. Discuss Obama personally - flame war.

There are many forums that have such opportunities.

Remember the staff do this out of the goodness of our hearts for the cause and to have to monitor 'crazy' is not part of the job description.

That's the way it is. One can discuss it with Rich if you object.

And closed.

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