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What is the risk of a trip to the gun range?

8 miles of driving for me and the odd of getting into an accident just getting there.

The point is being totally missed in that the risk is being cherry picked out of all the risk and then the virtuous comment that "I am being safe" is hidden behind the warm and fuzzy fluff.

Add up all your daily risks and put it into perspective. Eliminating one infinitesimal tiny one does nothing in the real picture .

Add in the risk at the run range to me by others (anywhere from someone going off their rocker to gross stupid I see displayed all the time?). Eating food is a risk. Flu is a risk. etc etc.

So, looking at risks then I simply should not shoot, or shop, eat or ........

People go on vacation to foreign countries and cruise ships all the time, but won't shoot a rifle because it has this "label" More hmmmmm

But they are out there shooting recovered drill rifles that were welded that are guaranteed to have induced a failure path (sooner or latter)

I can't tell what to do, it's your rifle. It is correct that CMP rules prohibit their use in their programs and as a CMP gsm mi I will honor their rules. Just because
They worked in the past doesn't mean they won't self distruct the next shot. I believe the CMP armors know more about it then I do so I will heed their advice.
Does the CMP allow the use of recovered drill rifles?

And its not the armorers that make that decision, its the insurance and lawyers.

I respect what they are trying to do, but I have also had one thread where they ruled and then were proven totally wrong. So it goes.

So, I would not tell someone to shoot their low SN 1903, but I also would not tell them to go shooting either (or aid and encourage someone to ride motorcycles) . I will continue to put it in context.
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