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Out of the only .44 i have ever shot, which was a 4" barreled .44, I would probably want to carry .44 specials in it unless I did hand loading.

For personal defense/home protection. If I loaded by hand I would want light .44 magnum loads, but as strong as I could comfortably shoot them. The factory .44 ammo I shot was just too much for me. It isn't so much that I am scared to shoot it, but I feel like I could put 6 .44 specials Into a target before I could put a couple .44 magnums into a target accurately. I feel like I would be deaf if I shot a .44 magnum inside a house, .44 special would be loud but not nearly as bad.

If I were to go deer hunting with a .44 magnum, which is probably the only real reason I would ever want one. I would be hunting with .44 magnum.
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