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If you go with the P99 aren't you going to be giving up the nice trigger of the PPQ?
I'll say this and save Fishbed some work.

The PPQ is not an "improvement" of the P99. It's essentially a different version. The P99 has an amazing trigger as well. It has the exact same reset. The only difference is it has a DA first trigger pull (and a very nice one at that). Some folks prefer that, some folks don't. The P99 in SA actually has a lighter trigger pull than a PPQ. The trigger is just as nice.

If it was an original PPQ, I wouldn't really have any gripes. But I just don't see the appeal of this change. Essentially it should make folks used to the "traditional" method happy. But frankly I don't think it was executed overly well. But to do so they had to change the original design of the pistol, and I never expect something like that to go very well.
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