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Thanks, Spats!
I was thinking the exact same thing about it's main purpose as being prepared for emergencies. Lord help me that I never need it.
I am waiting for prices to go down as well. Maybe I am being overly optimistic, but I think it may be fairly soon. I don't think that I have ever dry-fired this much since basic training... YEARS ago!
Should I be worried about the short barreled .45? Is that going to hinder me too much? My Mini performs fairly well. The only time it jams on me is when I use super cheap magazines. Wow, that sounds weird to even read anymore... Super cheap magazines?!?!?

allaroundhunter, I think I will take your advice and buy some dummy rounds. I youtube'd some matches and reloading the shotgun DID seem to stumble nearly everyone.

g.willikers, mobuck, I appreciate your advice as well. I hope that I get comfortable quickly or ammo prices miraculously dip lower than the pre-ban threat.
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