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I have an....

Uberti Cattleman in .45 LC an a Vaquero in same.

I find that the full load:

a) produces too much recoil

b) causes accuracy to drop off (I think). Too much going on outside the barrel while the bullet is in its first few inches of flight.

So I drop off to about 28 grains and the experience becomes a good bit less emotional.

I use cornmeal over a card that I punch out from iridescent poster board. I use this style card so I can easily find them to see where they land after discharge.

I don't use a lube wad, but I think I should. I am working on that.

I also shoot .45 LC in a Winchester 92 clone but I have not decided if my lighter loads will work as well in that.

As a disclaimer, I do not shoot CAS so those who do may be looking for a different experience than I am.

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