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SA did not have any MC Operators available, and they don't have time to check one over before sending it out, so they sent me a refund for the price I paid, plus tax & NICS. I suppose this is the best case scenario.

On a side note-
I found a SIG P229 classic .22 online. I asked the retailer if it had the new style E2 grips. They emailed me back stating they do indeed. While I was waiting for their response, I called SIG and asked which models come with the new E2 grips. The CS rep I spoke with said they all match the picture in their 2013 PDF catalogue if the manufacture date is 1/1/13 or after. I ordered the pistol and had it shipped. It arrived at my FFL, and as my luck would have it, they had the old style grips. I called SIG to see if all new models had the upgraded manspring, trigger bar, and de-cocker necessary to fit the new grips. I wanted to know if I needed to order them as well. They said it is likely not to if it had the old grips, and they decided to send me the full replacement kit for free to ship out with the caliber x-change kit I ordered. Needless to say, I'm glad I purchased another pistol from a manufacturer I can rely on.
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