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Another +1 for Theis holster

Couple of things I've noticed that I like to share:

IWB for PX4 compact

1. Quality and workmanship of holster is EXCELLENT. Reason I ordered from Theis holster was that they could make the molding for PX4 compact (not many companies provide this and it is different from full size because of ambi slide stop on both sides). Fitment, retention, and quality of kydex used is all quality. Highly recommended for those px4 compact owners who can't seem to find good IWB holster.

2. Jake belt - another excellent quality. I've not owned a gun belt before this, so I can't really compare to others, but quality of material and workmanship is super.

3. Communication - Received prompt email for order acknowledgement, predicted 3-4 weeks for delivery (He states that he is a one-man shop, which is understandable) but received the product in 2 weeks.
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